Baby- Child Clothing Sizes

Baby- Baby Clothes Size

What size of clothing does my baby have?
A question, which is asked by the dads and mothers, with some regularity.
To help with this, we have put down a size chart below.
Again, it is true that every baby is different and that the combination shows age with an average.
Also note the rate of growth.
As you can see, an average baby grows about 5 sizes in the first year.
If you are looking for something for the coming season, please keep in mind.

Caution: Brand children's clothing sizes:
Are you looking for clothes for children?
Be sure to take a moment because, for branded children's clothing, the sizes may differ quite differently.
There is certainly a difference between Dutch and foreign clothing for children.
They may fall larger or smaller.
Especially brands such as Airforce fall a little smaller.
Some brands carry their own size chart, such as Esprit Children's Clothing and Villa Happ, which has even added additional sizes.
They have intermediate sizes for children sitting between one size and the other size children's clothes.
But for most brands like Muy Malo, Wingino, Eager Beaver, Juttom, Diesel, Replay, Vinrose, Bengh, Principal, Boriz, Mim Pi, Oilily or Carbone, you may want to fit the clothes first.
And if this is not possible because it is a gift, it is advisable to consult the table above.
And of course, you should better buy the clothes too big for smaller children, because they often grow hard, so you can be sure that they can wear it for a while.
Partly because of the wide range of international brands that Store2be has.
In case of doubt, we recommend contacting before ordering.