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Beautiful Glitter Winter Shoes.

Color: Beirge, gold, white

Article code: MSchoen07

Beautiful Glitter Winter Shoes.

Details: Beautiful Glitter Winter Shoes.
They have a lot of Uggs and are so
By Glitter and the little girl they are extra beautiful.
the length is just above the ankle and has a flat sole.
the shoes have a round nose.
and are very well fed inside and very resistant to winter cold.
Boots are attached to the seamant with tie strap, but you also do it to him.

Size: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
Color: Beirge, gold, white
Matriaal: on top of cardboard, plastic by the glitter and fake bondage, inside plush, the sole: rubber
Season: Autumn, Winter, Spring.
Brand: BuDe

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€ 14.50