Beeldje Theresia van Lisieux

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Beeldje Theresia van Lisieux

Theresia van Lisieux

Theresia of the Child Jesus (also the lnfant Jesus, of the Holy Ghost of Christ or of Lisieux; bornThérèse Martin) and, Lisieux, France; monasteries; 1897.
Festivities 1 & 3 (until 1969) & 5 (Diocese of Ghent) October.
Thérèse Martin was born in the Normandy place of Alençon on January 2, 1873.
At a very young age she longed for the monastic life.
As a fourteen-year-old girl, she made herself two years older, knowing that she would be too young to enter.
Thus she reported to the monastery. But she was watched and returned.
Now she turned to the Pope himself.
And she gave her permission to start at the cloisters at Lisieux on her 15th.
She was determined to become a saint.
On her 21st she had already been appointed novice master, a responsible function, because she had to introduce the newcomers to the monastic life.
She was far ahead of her.
She wanted to learn Hebrew, because that was the language that Jesus himself spoke.
That way, she would get to know him better and to love even more.
She lived in her prayer intensively with the missionaries in distant countries.
But she was also modern by the fact that she was repeatedly robbed by ink-black beliefs.
She died at the age of 24: September 30, 1897.

Worship & Culture
She is one of the patron saints of France, of Lisieux and of the mission. Her help is addressed to all sorts of needs. At the beginning of our century, her worship expanded rapidly throughout the Catholic world. Until today, many statues find a statue of her.
She is depicted as karmelite with roses in her arms. For she had promised on her death bed that she would make roses out of heaven, so according to the testimony of many presenters.
She is called 'The Little Theresia' to distinguish her from 'The Great Theresia' (= Theresia of Avila).

In 1946, Gabriël SMIT (rhymes) & Piet WORM (pictures) published a booklet about saints for children: Roses from the Hemel Garden; Utrecht / Antwerp,

The fountain. It also contains a rhyming for Saint Theresia:
Theresia, God's little bride,
She was a sister, decided
Do I know all over the sky?
No rose as fresh and sweet as you:
Let me grow up in pious joy
Until I can flourish before God.

Size: B26cm H37cm D15cm
Color: Black, White and Beirge.
Matriaal: Polystone
Article code: S2BJ249

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