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Compose the bookkeeper himself

Sizes L24cm B2,5 D1cm

Article code: S2BBLA

Compose the bookkeeper himself

Beautiful Protecting Angel Bookkeeper

He is handmade and fun for your book. You put the iron bar in your book and the Guardian Angel outside your book.
so that you can visit him every time and radiate your happiness

Every guardian angel has a meaning that suits you or your neighbor.
That's why it's also a fun idea for Christmas to give someone or yourself a gift.

You can now put yourself together and make your bookkeeper as desired and prepared by us:
Step by Step Let's put it out and we walk it with you because of the price you see now is without the wings.
Once you have chosen the Wing, you will see the price than total bookkeeper.

Option 1: Bookkeeper Basic Package
then you choose Silver or Gold because there are basic things you need to make a bookkeeper
(bookkeeper, iron, iron balls, squeezers, gr and kl hat, springs)

Option 2: 18 pearls
choose which color suits you best

Option 3: 1 Crystal
Choose the Color that suits you best
and this is the angel's head

Option 4: Choose wing
There are several wings available and choose which one is the most beautiful of your angel
Take note of some of the wings, the price is higher

Option 5: Reverse Wing
This check mark is not required but if you want to choose the wing differently than vice versa
for another effect on your angel
If you complete the Order, we will make it ready for you within 2 days
and you can pick up or send it

Meaning Colors Pearls and Crystal:

Meaning Wing: Wings are the symbol of ascension above earth's earth (a form of illumination or being wise).
Wings symbolize: lightness, heavenly closeness, divine.

Meaning Feathers: The feather is also symbolically given in addition to the skin covering of birds.
Thus, the Indians associate feathers with air and breath, very appropriate and speak the Egyptians of "the feather of truth".
The Egyptians speak of a ritual in which the heart of a deceased is weighed against a feather of the goddess of truth. If he were tougher, it came because the former owner had done evil and thus he / she was denied access to the afterlife.

Sizes: L24cm B2.5 D1cm
Color: Crystal: White, Blue, Black, Purple, Gray, Mint, Green, Yellow, Red, Pearl: White, Blue, Pink, Black, Purple, Brown, Green, Rose, Red
Matriaal: AA + quality facet glass bead with AB gloss (Crystal) and Pearl Jewelry metal Gold look
Season: All Seasons
Brand: -

€ 6.46