Elfen side table

Sizes: Leaf 28 cm Paws B34cm H 43 Cm D25cm

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Elfen side table

Details: Beautiful Elfen Side Table

the sheet is of polystone
and is processed with Beirge Flowers with a golden button.
with the ornate iron base pieces it is very well finished

Elves existed long before the people existed. Are mostly found in the forests, often where many flowers are, speak their own language, have their own writing and are usually peace-loving. There are different kinds of elves. They are usually displayed with wings, but they do not have to. Not all elves have wings. Although male elves exist, most of the elven statues are of the female species.

A unicorn is a mythical animal that has been described since ancient times as a beast with a long, pointed spiral horn on its forehead.

and comes from the same series of Elfje tik tak tor (Butter, Cheese and Eggs)

Sizes: Leaf 28cm Legs B34cm H43cm D25cm
Color: Beirge, Brown, White, Gold.
Matriaal: Polystone, Iron

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