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Fu Lu Shou are the three Chinese lucky gods

Size: B16cm H11cm D6'3cm

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Fu Lu Shou are the three Chinese lucky gods

 Fu Lu Shou are the three Chinese lucky gods

Their statues and images are in almost every non-Christian Han-Chinese family.
Overseas Chinese buy the images in China or in a Chinese toko.
Chinese toko's often share Christmas calendars with a big picture of these three gods.

In Japan, Fukurokuju exist which are about the same as Fu, Lu and Shou.

The worship of these three gods dates from the Ming dynasty.
The placement of the images of Fu, Lu and Shou, according to believers, changes the fengshui of a house / room. The placement and influence are as follows:

southwest of a house / room - the gay gods will protect you when you are childbearing.
west of a house / room - they give you prosperity and will protect this prosperity.
They also give joy and celebration.
northwest of a house / room - they help the father of the house to win the three fortunes.
north of a house / room - they help bring creativity, happiness and wisdom.

The three gods

Fu Xing stands for happiness
Lu Xing stands for prosperity and improvement
Shou Xing stands for longevity

Size: B16cm H11cm D6'3cm
Color: gray
Matriaal: Polystone

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