Java's wedding couple

Size: Male B12cm H22cm D9'5cm Female B9 H18 D9'5

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Java's wedding couple

 Java's wedding couple

Traditionally, each Javanese house has a house-bed in the form of a station bed.
For this bed are the statues of a seated woman and man: the goddess Shri and her husband Sadono.
These kinds of images are called Loro Blonyo figures (unity between men and women).
People see in them the most important ancestors who ensure the good business and prosperity in the house.
At a wedding ceremony, the bridal couple temporarily takes the place of the dolls.
The bridal couple must stay as motionless as the pictures.
(from: Museum knowledge)

The Loro Blonyo Bridesmaid is a symbol of unity between man and woman, an inseparable couple.
The Loro Blonyo bride couple makes sure that your business is in good shape, at the forefront and forever.
the ideal gift for a couple, for example.

Size: Male B12cm H22cm D9'5cm Female B9 H18 D9'5
Color: brown, black, white and beirge.
Matriaal: Woodwork

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