Prayer Buddha

Size: B9'5cm H32cm D12cm

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Prayer Buddha

Prayer Buddha

Thai Buddhas are especially fond of the Netherlands, there are many types and shapes but almost all are praised for their beautiful face and headdress. Almost without exception, the wooden statues are made around northern Chiang Mai, while the bronze statues often originate in Ayutthaya just next to Bangkok's capital. Oriental Art has been serving Thai art in the assortment for over 30 years.

Buddhism is Thailand's most important religion in Thailand. In 2011 94.6% of the 66.7 million inhabitants committed religion. The main flow in the country is formed by theravadaboeddhism. Archaeological findings reveal that Buddhism in Myanmar may have been delivered to Thailand in about 6th century. Buddhism might have been present in Thailand, of which it was 228 BC at the earliest in the year. has been by Uttar Sthavira, one of the sons of the Indian king Asoka, an Indian ruler from the 3rd century BC. a great promoter and protector of Buddhism. The flow that occurred most frequently in Thailand between the 8th and 13th centuries was Hinayan Buddhism. Thereafter, theravadaboeddhism spread through the advent of the then kings of Thailand. This influence was mainly due to the contacts of Ceylonese Buddhists during that time. In 1851, Rama IV followed his deceased brother Rama III.
Rama IV was a Buddhist monk when he devoted the throne and he reformed during his government the Buddhism in the country to the shape as it was begun in the early 21st century.
He did this by encouraging the Dhammayut school, which attaches great importance to Vinaya rules.
He was succeeded by Rama V who was also an active advocate of Buddhism.
Thus he released a Pali Canon which is considered one of the most important and complete in its kind in the early 21st century.
A subsequent reform caused the king to be in charge of the entire sangha in Thailand

Size: B9'5cm H32cm D12cm
Color: Brown,
Matriaal: Wood

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