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The Cowboy with Rope

Size: B31'2cm H11cm D9cm

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The Cowboy with Rope

The Cowboy with Rope

A cowboy is a person who cattle in extensive animal husbandry in North America.
This task is traditionally performed on horse.
The cowboy also performs other tasks and around the ranch (farm).
The cowboy usually works for the owner of the cattle, in permanent service or on a seasonal contract.

The historic American cowboy emerged at the end of the nineteenth century, when first in New Mexico and later elsewhere the need arose to cope with large quantities of cattle - mostly cattle, sometimes sheep - and transport them to places where they labeled, gender or examined.
The cowboy tradition goes back to the vaqueros in New Mexico, landlords serving the herd, and originates in the way in which extensive livestock was already run in Spain.
This method brought with the first immigrants to North America. [1]

Over time, due to the differences in terrain, climate and livestock traditions, different styles and duties of cowboys arise.
A number of traditions in terms of clothing, skills and methods exist today.
Cowboys also participate in rodeo's, contests where they can show their skills with cattle and their skills as a rider.

The cliché of the cowboy as a revolver is the result of the rise of the western genre, which became popular by American Hollywood film production.

Size: B31'2cm H11cm D9cm
Color: Brown, Black, White, Beirge, Red,
Matriaal: polystone.

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