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Totem pole

Size: B9cm H40cm D10cm

Article code: S2BNY02930

Totem pole

Totem pole

A totem pole of North American Indians in the Alaska place Ketchikan

Totem Pals in Vancouver

Totem pole in museum Inti Nan
A totem pole is a wooden statue, as was made by some Indian tribes of the Northwest Coast. A totem pole can be seen as a sanctuary. The word totempaal is derived from (o) doodem, an Ojib weword that means so much as a "family sign", animals that gave their name to a clan.

The pole was usually made of red cedar wood, which was often painted in variegated colors.

Size: B9cm H40cm D10cm
Color: Brown, Black, White, Beirge, Red,
Matriaal: polystone

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