Vijf Doodkoppige Waterval

Maten: B10'5cm H23'8cm D12cm

Article code: S2BHC222

Vijf Doodkoppige Waterval

Details: The Five Deadhead Waterfall.
As you can hear in the name it's a creepy waterfall.
the upper is stuck to a scaly hand and the rest is cut in a wall.
The Waterfall has 2 catching boxes 1tje behind the 4 death heads and below the 1 dead head.
The water comes out at the top of the large dead head and comes into the box
afterwards it goes through the 2 forehead headers after knees as a 2 cleavage after the dawn and is also pumped backwards through the back
and is beautiful and many details are processed and just overlooked.

Size: B10'5cm H23'8cm D12cm
Color: Yellow, Brown, Black
Matriaal: Polystone.

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